Oksana Pasichnyk: "це той момент, коли я жалію, що не маю учнів у друзях..."

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це той момент, коли я жалію, що не маю учнів у друзях на ФБ правда поки змінювати це не готова але ж правило пяти рукостискань ніхто не скасовував, тим більше в цьому випадку точно потрібно менше! отже, дівчата 14-17 років, які цікавляться технологіями, математикою, природничими науками та інженерією мають чудову нагоду взяти участь в навчальному таборі. безкоштовно ! Об этом сообщает versia.in.ua со ссылкой на СМИ.

Girls! We have great news for those of you who want to spent great summer with Technovation Challenge

We invite you to the first ever Technovation Camp for gi ... rls in Ukraine wich is organized by Technovation Ukraine Team, Peace Corps Ukraine volunteers with the support of Western NIS Enterprise Fund

If youre a girl aged 14-17 and interested in learning more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Technovation Camp is the camp for you this summer. The camp will be July 24-30 in Lvivska Oblast.

Application Period July 7-14 Midnight

Participation Announcement by July 16

This 7-day camp will be centered around the Technovation Challenge about IT-enterpeneurship and you will be able to work in small teams to develop a social project with a focus in applying technology. You will also participate in STEM lessons and experiments, will visit Lviv city council and IT-companies.

The working language for this camp will be English but we will also have experienced Ukrainian counselors to help you understand the material better.

Organizers cover travel, accomodation and food costs.

What are you waiting for APPLY here http//bit.ly/2tFA695 ! The agreement with parents will be needed for selected girls.

# girlsforachange # TechnovationUkraine # Technovation

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